Brick Rigs

Brick Rigs Game

Brick Rigs
  • Developer: Lukas Rustemeyer
  • Genre: Sandbox, Destruction, Building, Open World
  • Version: Patch Notes: September 17
User Rating: Rating 4.69

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Release Date
7 Nov, 2016
Lukas Rustemeyer
Lukas Rustemeyer
Sandbox, Destruction, Building, Open World
Windows PC
Patch Notes: September 17


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Free Brick Rigs Game for PC

Amrita James

Did you ever want to feel like an engineer? Brick Rigs is a game for you. With your engineering skills, you'll be able to build cool tracks for the cars to race on. There are so many different tracks to build, so you'll never get bored. You can build anything you want. As you build tracks, cars will race by. You want to make sure that the cars are going to be able to make it through the track that you've made. There are many different types of cars to choose from.

You can even design your own car. Product Brick Rigs download is a puzzle game with a twist. The aim is to construct a bridge to get ball across to the finish line. Twist is that you can only use bricks that you find. Each brick has a different weight and type, you must take these into account as you build your bridge. You can use the edges of screen to position the bricks and ball. Nevertheless Brick Rigs game download is a competitive sandbox construction and racing game. It was developed by a Norwegian company, Funcom, published by GameMill Entertainment.

In game, players get to construct their own tracks and then race them with other players. There are a variety of different track pieces to choose from, they all have their own different effects on the track. Software Brick Rigs game free that involves building structures with Lego-like pieces. Player starts with a simple construction of a few bricks and is given each time they complete construction. At the beginning of product, player has a building area of a few hundred blocks and a limited number of pieces. As they progress, building area will increase, player will receive more pieces.


Graphics in this game are very basic. They are not realistic and the textures are not very detailed. Graphics are quite old, as such, do not appeal to a younger generation. Graphics in Brick Rigs free download PC are very well done. Colors are vibrant, water is crystal clear, textures are realistic. Environments are very detailed. Graphics Brick Rigs apk has a 3D layout with a 2D top-down view. Buildings are made out of pieces that have been given a low polygon-count. Buildings are then lit up with a few lights that have been given low polygon-count as well. Buildings are fairly simple, surrounding landscape is a bit more detailed.


Gameplay in play Brick Rigs is very engaging. The puzzles are all different and require different approaches. They vary in difficulty, so there is something for everyone. Puzzles can take a lot of time, but there is always a solution. Gameplay in Brick Rigs free play is really fun. Software offers player freedom to create their own tracks, they can choose from a variety of different track pieces.

Product offers the player freedom to choose difficulty of game. Application offers plenty of customization options for player's avatar. Idea of product is to build a tower as tall as possible. Player starts with a few blocks and limited number of pieces. With each new brick, player can build a new brick or place a piece on top of a brick they have already built. Player can snap a brick to the side in order to build in a curved fashion. Person Brick Rigs unblocked can rotate slices in order to build in a straight line. Player can build in a spiral fashion in order to build in circular fashion.


Multiplayer in this game is very engaging. You can compete against others and play with others. Multiplayer is a great way to test your skills and see what others have done. Multiplayer is very fun in download Brick Rigs PC. Product offers player opportunity to go head-to-head with other players in multiplayer matches. There are options to play cooperatively with other players.


Replayability of this game Brick Rigs is quite high. Puzzles are all different and you can take your time and spend hours and hours trying to solve puzzles. There are a limited number of variables in game. Player can snap their block in order build in a circular fashion. There are a limited number of blocks in game, but player will receive more blocks as they progress in game.


  • What do I need to play this game?
    A computer, a keyboard, a mouse, and a copy of Brick Rigs game PC.

  • How do I play this game?
    There are a few ways to play this game. The easiest way is to click "New Game" and select template of your choice, and then follow the instructions to build a vehicle and play. The other way is to use the "Vehicle Editor" and build your own vehicle.

  • How do I save my progress in Brick Rigs play free?
    To save your progress in product, click on "Configure" tab at top of screen, and then select "Save/Load."


Software free Brick Rigs is a physics-based construction game where players are building various constructions with slices. Game is an endless runner with slices that are continuously falling from sky. Player must build structures using slices in order to score points and complete levels.


  • It's a fun puzzle game Brick Rigs online;
  • A lot of levels to complete;
  • It's a great game to spend time on;
  • It's easy to control;
  • You can choose the difficulty;
  • It doesn't drain your battery.


  • It's a little expensive;
  • The graphics are not the best;
  • It's not very challenging.

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